The Friendship That Brought Hope into Life


Roscoe is an orangutan that lives at a zoo in Northern California. Unfortunately, Roscoe did not engage in activities such as climbing trees, swinging from branches to branches or playing with arbitrary objects. He didn’t even eat properly, unlike normal orangutans. The pain of losing his parents left Roscoe with nothing but a life full of misery. Veterinarians treated him to rescue him from the potential vulnerability of life. But all those efforts became useless until he found the friendship that brought hope into his life.

Suryia is the name of this new friend of Roscoe’s. He is a dog of the Bluetick Hound breed. When Suryia was found, he was too ill, just like Roscoe. Zookeepers brought this helpless old dog for treatment to the same place where the orangutan was treated. That’s how this destined encounter between two dissimilar friends happened. Since then, their unbreakable friendship has created unprecedented joy and hope in both lives.

Both of them are always together, making it obvious that “where Suryia is, there Roscoe is”. They play a lot together and swimming is their favorite recreational activity. However, Roscoe is somewhat afraid of swimming. But there’s nothing to be worried about because Roscoe knows his beloved friend, Suryia, always accompanies him. Suryia never lets his friend get into trouble.

The zookeepers have never forgotten to capture all these marvelous moments between Roscoe and Suryia, which clearly depict the beauty of true friendship. Not only that, but both of them have been able to draw the attention of the international community as well. Recently, they appeared in National Geographic Magazine and participated in the popular shows of Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres. In an era where true friendship is becoming rare, this orangutan and dog can be considered as ideal role models for the world.


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