The Heartwarming Tradition of Suspended Coffees: Spreading Kindness Across the World

    The Heartwarming Tradition of Suspended Coffees: Spreading Kindness Across the World

    In a cozy little coffee shop, two individuals approached the counter and placed an order, saying, “Five coffees, please. Two for us and three hanging.” After paying, they took their two cups of coffee and left.

    Curiosity piqued, I turned to the waiter and asked, “What does ‘hanging coffees’ mean?”

    “Wait and you’ll see,” he replied with a smile.

    Soon, more people entered the shop. Two girls ordered a coffee each, paid, and swiftly departed. Then, a group of three women ordered seven coffees, stating, “Three for us and four hanging coffees.”

    Left perplexed, I pondered the significance of these hanging coffees as their recipients remained unknown.

    Suddenly, a man dressed in worn clothes, bearing the signs of homelessness, approached the counter with genuine sincerity and asked, “Do you have a coffee hanging?”

    “Yes, we do, sir,” the server replied.

    They promptly served him a cup of coffee, and in that moment, I found my answer.

    It turns out that people can pay in advance for a coffee that will be served to someone who cannot afford a hot drink. This heartwarming tradition originated in Naples but has since spread to cities and towns all around the world. In addition to hanging coffees, it is also possible to order hanging sandwiches or full low-cost meals.

    Imagine if we could all embrace this tradition in the places we live. Small acts of kindness like these have the power to impact numerous lives in ways we could never imagine.

    Often, we hesitate to give money to someone begging on the street, fearing they might misuse it for alcohol or other vices. However, I recently had a change of heart after reading an article about surviving life on the streets. If a person feels the need to drink, who are we to judge? Every day, I engage in conversation with my local Big Issue vendor, even if I am unable to purchase the magazine. I see gratitude in his eyes, appreciative of being treated as a fellow human being. A simple “not today, thanks” when I cannot support him financially is met with understanding. This recent spell of cold weather has served as a stark reminder of the daily struggles faced by those who endure the elements to earn a living. They deserve our support and compassion.

    Let us be inspired by the tradition of suspended coffees and extend our kindness to those in need. By reaching out and making a difference in someone’s day, we can collectively create a more compassionate and caring world.


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