Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream: 90-Year-Old Woman Receives Honorary GED with Support from Local Learning Center

Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream: 90-Year-Old Woman Receives Honorary GED with Support from Local Learning Center

Have you ever experienced a dream that had to be put on hold due to various circumstances? For Ellouise Lewis, a 90-year-old resident of Gulfport Care Center in Mississippi, that dream was to graduate high school. Despite being forced to leave school in the tenth grade, Ellouise never lost sight of her ambition. Recently, with the kind-hearted assistance of some individuals, she was able to make her dream come true by receiving an honorary GED.

Lisa Perdue, the activity director at Gulfport Care Center, learned about Ellouise’s wish and reached out to Wells of SouthGate, a nearby Christian-based learning facility. With their support, Ellouise embarked on a journey of studying and preparation for the practice exam, which she successfully passed.

While the GED Ellouise received was honorary, she met the requirements for an actual GED. During a ceremony held at the nursing home, Ellouise proudly received her certificate, dressed in a cap and gown. Overwhelmed with emotions, tears streamed down her face as she expressed her joy and fulfillment in achieving her lifelong dream.

Leonard Martin, from the learning center, commended Ellouise on her remarkable achievement and expressed his hope that more individuals would be inspired to follow in her footsteps.

Ellouise’s accomplishment serves as a remarkable example that age and circumstances should not hinder one’s ability to pursue dreams and achieve goals. Her success highlights the fact that it is never too late to fulfill aspirations, regardless of the challenges faced.

Ellouise’s story is a powerful source of motivation for all, reminding us never to give up on our dreams. It serves as an inspiring testament that no matter how long it takes or what obstacles we encounter, we can always strive to accomplish our objectives

Let us all extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ellouise for this incredible achievement and share her story to inspire others to pursue their dreams. Remember, it is never too late to turn dreams into reality.


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